🤖About Ecodroids

Let me introduce you to Ecodroids NFT, cute and bubbly droids that are created from electronic scraps. These droids have a unique origin story, they are born from the debris of our technology; they are the embodiment of our responsibility to take care of our planet. The Ecodroids are created by Astrid, a brilliant scientist who has found a way to repurpose electronic waste and give it life in the form of these adorable droids. They are not only cute but they also serve a purpose. They're the citizen of Planet Sphera, a world that was once thriving with life, but due to the neglect of its inhabitants, it has become a wasteland of electronic waste.

Buckle up and join us in this journey, let's discover the story behind Ecodroids, their creators, and Planet Sphera. 🤖

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