Chapter 1:

Somewhere along the vastness of space is a certain solar system Avenir, its ever-glowing star at the center, and 5 planets surrounding it, sharing a single orbit. One of the planets is Axis, a planet full of boring creatures called Axants. Axants are relatively small creatures. They have small frames and unproportionate big heads with large bunny-like ears that just stay down and just flop tamely with the wind. Among them lives Astrid, an anomaly to his own kind. He strives to create new things and discover existing ones. He lives a very exciting life, contrary to his kin. Axants live a dull life far from what he has. He grew up without friends because of his peculiarity, even his own family is concerned with his personality. He decided to keep things hidden, he made a lot of things secretly. One day he created a little spaceship, fueled by his desire to explore what lies beyond their boring little planet. He would go out secretly and visit other planets, Earth became his favorite. He was fascinated by humanity and everything he saw on that planet. One day, when he returned from Earth, he was greeted by a council of Elders. Turns out, his voyages and inventions have been exposed. He was exiled from Axis, his own kind was threatened by his innovative nature, a trait that is unfamiliar to them. They fear that Astrid may disrupt their lives, and they are also afraid that he might create something that can breed catastrophe.

He vanished from his own planet, never to return again. He had no choice but to find a new home; his fascination with Earth and the humans made him consider moving there but he didn’t, fearing that he might not belong there. He discovered Sphera, a planet just between Earth and Axis, and is somewhat similar to Earth. He was saddened by the planet’s state. Although it has vast bodies of water, it was overflowing with various wastes. The landscapes would have been breathtaking if it weren’t for the mountains of trash. The beautiful skies were also clouded with air pollution. The planet has been a dumpster for humans, Earth’s trash was all being dumped here. Even with all of that, he was already set on dwelling there and he did. He realized that he can produce more inventions using those so-called wastes. Just like that, he turned a planet full of waste into a wonderland of raw materials. As an inventor, he was thrilled with the abundance of resources, but as a person, the lack of friends still made him lonely. There were rivers and seas but he had no one to swim them with, all the trees and mountains but no one to climb them with, and what’s the point of flying in the skies, looking down at the beauty beneath, if you have no one to share it with. So, he made adorable little robots to keep him company. Although made from scraps, with Astrid’s exquisite skills and dedication to perfection, they still looked great. He named them Splash, Stomp, and Soar. Splash goes with Astrid when he wants to cruise the oceans. Stomp on the other hand is Astrid’s companion when exploring the rich lands of Sphera. Lastly, Soar accompanies Astrid when he wants to breeze through the clouds. Astrid’s innovative nature led him to create more bots like them. He, collectively, called them Ecodroids. He divided them into 3: Aquatic which is led by Splash, Terranean which is under the command of Stomp, and Aerial, with Soar as its head. These Ecodroids are tasked to clean the bodies of water, the vast amount of land, and the air in the sky, respectively.

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