$EWASTE is going to be the first token to be distributed in the ecosystem, holders need to send their ECODROIDS to an expedition to collect $EWASTE.

How to earn $EWASTE?

  • Sending your ECODROIDS on an expedition(STAKING) to collect and gather $EWASTE 🤖

  • Donating old electronic devices (doesn't matter if its working or not) to Electronic Waste formal collectors or Electronic Waste recycling centers

  • We are going to implement more features for you to earn $EWASTE. BOOP! 💖

$EWASTE earning multiplier 👛

Where you can spend $EWASTE?

  • At ECODROIDS MARKETPLACE! 😎 It can be used to purchase both physical and digital goods in our marketplace.

  • Upgrading ECODROIDS 🛠

  • Merging ECODROIDS 🧬

  • and more soon, remember $EWASTE is the main utility token in our ecosystem.

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