📋Whitelists, OG, Collab Artwork, Public Sale

Most of our sales will be allocated to OG and Whitelisted community members.


OG members are given the exclusive privilege of minting their ECODROIDS at a discounted rate of 0.01 ETH (1x Max Mint). They also have a chance to win a complimentary mint spot and various giveaways, as a token of appreciation for their early support and belief in our project. 😎


Whitelisted members are given the privilege of minting their ECODROIDS at a fixed rate of 0.03 ETH (2x Max Mint), without worrying about gas wars during the public minting process.

Public Sale

Once the exclusive privilege of minting has been extended to our OG members and Whitelisted members, we will then open the minting process to the public at 0.05 ETH. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to mint their own ECODROIDS. We wish all participants the best of luck in the minting process and look forward to seeing the creative and unique ECODROIDS that you will be minted.

Collab Artwork Holder

What you can get holding at least 1 of our Collaboration Artwork:

  • Automatic OG spot 👑

  • 1x Ecodroids (Airdropped) 😎

  • 1x Airdropped on all of our collections

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