šŸ’°Fund Allocation

šŸ”“ PROJECT FUNDS ā€” 65% will be allocated to the project treasury to ensure the sustained growth and development of our project. šŸ˜Ž šŸ”µ FOUNDERS ā€” 20% will be allocated as remuneration for the project founders, in recognition of their tireless efforts and dedication šŸ’–. šŸŸ¢ MODS/TEAM MEMBERS ā€” 10% will be allocated to the MODS and other essential team members of the project, as a token of appreciation for their invaluable contributions throughout the project's development. This includes their efforts in maintaining a well-organized discord community, fostering constant engagement on our social media platforms, and their dedication to the success of the project. šŸŸ” OG's/Pioneer āœØ ā€” 5% will be allocated for various giveaways for our OG members of the community as a gesture of appreciation for their early support and belief in our project.

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