🏗️Long Term Ideas

At Ecodroids, we believe in transparent communication and keeping our community informed about our plans and goals. Unlike other NFT projects, we avoid making unrealistic promises and aim to deliver on our commitments. Our plans are openly shared on this page, and we welcome feedback from our community.

We take a thorough and careful approach to evaluating and implementing new ideas. Before moving forward, we conduct a comprehensive feasibility study to assess the development time, budget, and relevance to our project's overall goals. This approach ensures that our project stays aligned with its goals, is executed efficiently, and provides value to our community, while also avoiding costly mistakes. Although these ideas are not yet confirmed as deliverables, they may be postponed or scrapped if they are not mature enough to be realistically achievable


We will be introducing a Business Incubator. This is like a "Shark's Tank" where you can pitch your ideas to us using your Ecodroids IP and we will work with you to turn it into a running business. This feature will provide a unique opportunity for our community to not only create and own NFTs but also to turn their passion and creativity into a profitable venture. We believe that this feature will help to foster innovation and creativity within the community and we are excited to see the results.


At Ecodroids, we are constantly exploring new ways to create value for our community. One of the ways we plan to do this is by partnering with popular brands to produce exclusive ECODROIDS x BrandName merchandise. We envision a wide range of products such as statues, toys, apparel, manga, animations, and more. The possibilities are endless and we are excited to see the creative collaborations that will come out of it. It will not be just a fun way to showcase the ECODROIDS universe but it will also be a way to reward our holders with physical airdrops. These exclusive and limited-edition merchandise will be highly coveted by our community and will serve as a tangible representation of their support for the project. We believe that this strategy will not only delight our holders but will also help raise awareness and create buzz around Ecodroids.


We are dedicated to not only creating value for our community but also addressing the problem of electronic waste pollution. One of the ways we plan to do this is by creating a unique vending machine system. After we have delivered all the major deliverables, we will set up vending machines where users can deposit their old electronic devices, regardless of their condition. In exchange for their contribution, users will be rewarded with Ecodroids tokens or exclusive merchandise. This will not only provide a convenient and eco-friendly way for users to dispose of their electronic waste but also incentivize them to do their part in reducing electronic waste pollution. This vending machine will not only be a fun way to engage with the project but it will also raise awareness about the importance of electronic waste management. We believe this will be a win-win situation for both the users and the environment.


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