👾Free2Play Game

Ecodroids NFT will be your playable characters in our game! 😍 We are creating a game that will be competitive, story-wise it will focus on raising awareness of electronic waste pollution. The game will feature three modes: Story, Arena, and a community-driven mode Defending the Sphera. 🤖

  • In Story Mode 📜, you'll learn about the origin of the Ecodroids, where they come from, and much more! You'll get to explore the world of Ecodroids as you progress through the story. You'll be playing as one of the Ecodroids.

  • In Arena Mode ⚔, you'll be able to use your Ecodroids to compete against other holders inside the Sphera Arena and battle it out with other players to see who has the best Ecodroid team. You'll also be able to earn rewards for defeating other players.

  • Finally, in Defending the Sphera 🌏, you'll be tasked with protecting Planet Sphera from a random infiltration. This is a community-driven task, and if the community fails to defend the Sphera, then all players will not gain any rewards until the planet has been recovered.

The Game is completely free to play, only the holders will be able to earn rewards in the future. With this game, we want to create an entertaining and interactive way for the community to learn about electronic waste pollution.. 🙈💖

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